Portal to your Ksiazyk ancestry

genealogyThis blog is the portal of the Ksiazyk Community and a tool to access Ksiazyk People.

You are welcome to write your story (whatever the topic). You can post any documents, photos or videos.

This blog is a free access platform : everyone can post, without filtering process.

Your contribution can also be a fast track to find members of your Ksiazyk lineage. When you write about your Ksiazyk ancestors, always specify their [first name + name]. Other Ksiazyk People will find your references more easily.

Coming soon: a discussion Forum to share your questions and researches.

Marie-Jeanne, Brussels


3 thoughts on “Portal to your Ksiazyk ancestry

  1. Carol Ksiazyk

    My father was Ernest Ksiazyk and my uncle is Richard Ksiazyk. My dad was born and raised is Chicago ILL USA. His father was Bruno Ksiazyk from Poland (don’t know where) my dad married my mother and moved to Orange California USA. I was born in 1963. I would love to find family since I am the end of the Ksiazyks for my family. I married and now carry the last name Mikita.

  2. ksiazyk

    Good evening has all,

    I appear, I am Dominique Ksiazyk, an inhabitant at present in viry chatillon, in france, I am the son of edouard ksiazyk and of drosczinski cecile. My father is the son of felix ksiazyk my grandfather who was married with Maria Barski. My uncle ksiazyk richard live in South of France .My brother ksiazyk Romuald works in the french navy and my sister ksiazyk sandrine live in paris. my grand grand grand father is name was michel Ksiazyk and he was born in Wolnica (Poland) Can be are we of the same family ?

  3. Debra ksiazyk

    My grandfathers name was thomas ksiazyk. My grandmothers name was Martha. My fathers name was Chester. He was born in 1916. I don’t know where in Poland they were from. There is no one to ask as my father, his brothers and sister have all died. They lived in Chicago. My father and my mother moved to trevor, Wisconsin, where they both passed away.


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