From 123 to 495

Thanks to the remarkable work of Bozena Balaw, the number of documents related to Książyk People recorded in has boomed from 123 in February 2015 to 495 in February 2016.

These new records have been sourced from the Central Archives of Historical Records (Archiwum Główne Akt Dawnych) in Warsaw. They have identified an impressive number of Książyk families in Boryczówka, a hamlet located in the vast region of Ukraine that was inside the borders of Poland before 1945. 

Therefore, the balance regarding the presence of Książyk People before 1900 has shift  with 131 documents (26%) recorded in “mainland” Poland and 364 documents (74%) recorded in “Kresy” Ukraine.

To know more about the Książyk people of Ukraine, read the following post “Książyk Village“.

Marie-Jeanne C.K., Paris


Luty 2015







Luty 2016


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