When Mokotów was a village

My Great Great Father Walenty Książyk (born in 1863) left Grochale Gorne (Mazowieckie) in the early 1900’s to live in Mokotów. He came there with his wife Jozefa Krzyna and their daughter Małgorzata, their only surviving child. Their sons Leon and Cecyl were born there. MOK3

At this time, Mokotów was a village in the South of Warsaw. Beautiful neoclassical mansions were aligned along the Belwederska road. Farmers were selling fresh milk and white eggs to Sunday strollers. The forts built by the Russians were still guarding the city against irreducible future insurgents.

My Great Father Leon Książyk fondly remembered his childhood in Mokotów: playing in the Ujazdów Park, walking in the Wilanów “woods”, splashing in Morskie Oko, serving the Holy Mass at the Church (possibly Saint Michael / św. Michała Archanioła). Before WWI, going to Warsaw with the tramway was an adventurous journey. However, shopping with Mom ulica Marszałkowska certainly was not his favorite activity.

Marie-Jeanne, Brussels


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