Andrzej Książyk, Łożniczy króla Aleksandra Jagiellończyka

Skartabellat szlachta?  Szlachta zaściankowa? Szlachcice zagrodowi? Gołota szlachecka? Drobna szlachta?  Jeszcze nie wiem i to nie ma znaczenia.  Wczoraj, w Bibliotece Narodowej w Warszawie, spotkałam się z Andrzejem Książyk. On jest interesującym facetem.

Andrzej Książyk is mentioned in two books:

Herbarz Polski  tome XIII (page 59-60) – Adam Boniecki – Warszawa 1909.

Liber Quitantarium Alexandri Regis ab a. 1502 ad 1506 – Ksiega skarbowa krola Aleksandra Jag. –  Adolf Pawinski – Warszawa 1897.

Andrzej Książyk was “Łożniczy” of King Aleksander Jagellon from 1503 to 1505. This position of cubicularius lectistrator is a court office granted to the nobleman (szlachcic) responsible for the royal bedroom. In the time of Alexander Jagellion, Łożniczy was just an honorific position given to a young nobleman as a royal expression of  gratitude. The office of private Chamberlain is certainly one of the most exclusive position in terms of access to the King.  Later, in the time of Stefan Batory, the holder of the position would receive the formal title of Chamberlain. During the reign of Stanislaw August, Chamberlains ruled on the private entourage of the king and built very influential positions.

Alexander Jagiellon had been Grand Duke of Lithuania since 1492 when he became King of Poland after the death of his brother Jan I Olbracht in December 1501. He was 40, didn’t know much about Poland and very few Polish supporters. Chronicles of his short reign (1501-1506) tell that he badly missed Lithuania, hardly spoke Polish, struggled in support to his Russian and Orthodox wife Helena and did not feel comfortable in Poland. King Alexander Jagiellon died in Vilnius, alone, without courtesans and only assisted by Helena.

Andrzej Książyk succeeded to the previous Łożniczy during the third year of the reign and held this position until King Alexander left Poland for Lituania. Here we can speculate about the reasons of such a royal favour. In 1503, the King was facing serious suspicions of Russian espionnage since most of his entourage was not Polish. Chronicles report a fierce confrontation in corridors between the Poles and the “Russo-Lithuanian” courtiers. To address the expectations of his subjects, King Aleksander had to shift the balance to the benefit of the Poles.  The presence of Andrzej Książyk at the Court needs to be investigated further. Was he recommended by a Polish grandee? Did he (or someone of his family) served the Jagellion dynasty in some battle grounds against the Ottomans? Alexander Jagiellon was not the greatest King of Poland but we can only be proud that Andrzej was chosen among all the dworzanin of the royal entourage.

At this stage of my research, I have no track records of Andrzej Książyk before 1503 and after 1505. I will try to get more about this discreet ancestor. Ponieważ Andrzej jest tego warta, muszę wrócić to kolejny dzień w Narodowej Bibliotece, prawda?

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